Information for Med Students

Are you:

  • Considering a residency which requires preparatory internship training such as
    - Anesthesiology
    - Radiology
    - Ophthalmology
    - Dermatology
    - Physical Medicine 
    - Neurology
    - Radiation Oncology 
  • Undecided about your residency or career choice?
  • In need of broad-based clinical training before entering Military Service, Medical Research, Administrative or Preventive Medicine?

If so a Transitional Year may be for you!

The Transitional Year is:

  • A one year residency training program designed to facilitate the choice or preparation for a specific specialty or career by providing a well-balanced, clinical educational experience.
  • Fully accredited by the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education specifically as a preparatory program.
  • There are 114 Transitional Year programs with over 1,100 positions offered throughout the country annually.
  • Transitional Year Programs are located in both Community Hospitals and University Medical Centers, and are generally sponsored by at least 2 accredited categorical residency programs.

The Transitional Year offers several unique advantages:

  • A broad-based curriculum which assures diverse training in multiple disciplines.
  • Increased flexibility, allowing programs to provide a large number & variety of elective rotations.
  • Well defined accreditation standards & review process specifically designed for preparatory residency training.
  • Curriculum & standards which stress:
    - Education over service needs
    - Supervised autonomy and graduated responsibility
    - Strong peer interaction with residents from other disciplines
  • In addition to being accredited as a preparatory year for specialty training, the TY may qualify as first year training toward board certification in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine.
  • TY programs use the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), simplifying the application process.

How can you learn more about the Transitional Year, or about specific TY programs?

See the Council Resources section of this CTYPD website for a listing of all ACGME-accredited TY residency programs.  Those programs that are members of the Council of Transitional Year Program Directors are highlighted and a link to the website for these programs has been provided.

You can also call AHME Headquarters to reach the Chair of the Council of Transitional Year Program Directors (CTYPD) at 724-864-7321 or to learn more about TY Residency Programs in your area.