Improving Health Care through Medical Education

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AHME is a national non-profit professional organization, which sponsors educational programs, offers communication vehicles, and facilitates networking through its interest groups and collaborations with other organizations. When you join AHME, you join with other medical education professionals from around the country who share your interests and concerns and who can help you fulfill your important responsibilities more effectively and more efficiently.

The benefits of AHME membership include the following.

Value of Membership

Given the financial challenges hospitals face, it is important for AHME to demonstrate the value of membership and minimize member costs. The activities cited above are only the most notable and AHME is continually seeking new ways to support members. We also continue to network with other medical education organizations to monitor the environment and provide input on policies under development.

From a cost standpoint, AHME continues to hold the line on our membership dues, despite the fact that individual dues were last raised in 2002 and institutional dues were last raised in 2008. The pricing for programming is also competitive. The Institute is offered at an all-inclusive, affordable rate, especially for early registrants. Academy pricing has been reduced in recent years and our webinars are designed so a large group can benefit at a nominal fee. We also offer members an additional 25% discount on the already reduced member rate if our six webinars are purchased as a package.

Given what AHME offers and our attention to costs, it will come as no surprise that membership is at record levels and our educational events are booming. None of this would be possible, of course, without the vision and dedication of AHME’s elected leadership, the volunteerism of so many members, and the support of staff. As we look forward to the next year, we are confident that you will find great value in networking with your colleagues through the Association and you may rest assured that AHME will continue to remain in support of the important work you do.